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Displate is a Canadian startup that has revolutionized art display!! Mariusz Ciesla is Displate’s founder and CEO. Displate was designed by Mariusz Ciesla as a creative and unique way to display artwork. Art lovers can showcase their artwork in a simple way with Displate whether they are at home or at the office. Displate is a platform for artists to sell and make art in many formats 🎨 🍁 ️ !!

Displate Canada
Displate Canada

Displate was founded with a vision to make art accessible and democratize it 🎨 ️. Mariusz Ciesla began creating this platform in 2017 with the mission to provide an online gallery where artwork could be seen shared and even sold to anyone with an internet connection. Now anyone can be an avid art admirer and own beautiful original artwork created by talented artists – right from their hands!

Displate’s mission is to make art more accessible and to make it easier to display art 🎨. Their website allows you to upload your original artwork choose how you want it printed and framed and have it shipped directly to your door. You can also shop for handcrafted works from talented independent artists.

The prints are made with a proprietary printing process that uses ultra-thin and light metal plates to create stunning results. The artwork is printed onto a unique metal plate which is magnetically bonded to your wall giving Displate prints a contemporary modern look 🀘 ️. The prints can be hung in any orientation allowing you to customize your space.

One of the most inspiring features of Displate is the artists’ profiles which showcase the work of independent artists. You can browse through their portfolio and purchase any artwork you like . The company pays a portion of the proceeds to the artist allowing them to earn a living while still being in control of how their artwork is presented and sold.

Displate Canada from Pexels , user Andre Furtado
Displate Canada from Pexels , user Andre Furtado

Displate is committed to giving back the community. Displate partners with non-profit and charitable organizations to raise awareness and funds. A portion of the company’s profits is donated to charitable causes. Every Displate is printed to help make a difference.

Displate is the perfect way to show off your favorite art or to introduce the people you care about to the artwork you love 🎨. Their dedication to making art accessible to all and to creating a platform where artists can share their work and make a living is inspiring. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to show off your own artwork or to explore the works of independent artists, Displate is a great way to do so. They are truly revolutionizing the way we display art and making it easier than ever to give your space an upgrade. … .

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