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Drones are growing in popularity over the years.. Drones are being used by many people for both commercial and recreational purposes. Drones must follow the same rules and regulations that apply to other types of aviation. These rules apply to all drone pilots no matter what their purpose …

Drone Rules Canada
Drone Rules Canada

Before anything else drone rules in Canada are divided into two categories: those for recreational and commercial usage. A Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) isn’t required for recreational drone operators; however, they still must adhere to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Drone Rules Canada from PixaBay , user Jeremy Lee
Drone Rules Canada from PixaBay , user Jeremy Lee

For commercial use a SFOC is required. This is a document that outlines a drone operator’s rights and responsibilities also the rules and regulations they must follow. Depending on the type of operation being performed additional safety measures may also be listed in the SFOC.

When flying a drone operators must follow the rules set out in the CARs. These include not flying at night keeping the drone within a certain distance from people and buildings and not flying over 90 metres in altitude. Additionally certain geographic areas are off-limits for drone operators for example near airports and military bases so operators should be sure to check the restrictions in their area before flying.

Operators must also ensure that their drones are operated safely . This entails following the manufacturer’s instructions taking appropriate safety precautions and avoiding any reckless behaviour. Additionally drones must always be operated within line of sight meaning that they must be in sight of the operator at all times .

Moreover to the rules set out in the CARs Transport Canada has also established a several other guidelines that operators should be aware of. For example operators should be aware of the type of airspace they are flying in as some areas may have additional restrictions . They should also be aware of the weather conditions, as strong winds can make it more difficult to operate a drone safely ️.

Finally operators should be aware of their local laws and regulations. Many cities and provinces have their own rules and regulations regarding drone use so operators should make sure to check these before taking to the skies.

By abiding by the rules outlined in the CARs and Transport Canada’s guidelines drone operators can make sure that they are operating safely and responsibly πŸš—. Additionally operators should make sure to check their local laws and regulations before flying as these may have additional restrictions that must be complied with. ! .

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