Employer-Specific Work Permit Canada 🇨🇦

A work permit that is employer-specific is a document issued to temporary foreign workers by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)!! It allows them to work in Canada for a specific employer. These permits also known as “open work permits” are directly tied to one employer 🇨🇦 1️⃣ ️ !!

Employer-Specific Work Permit Canada
Employer-Specific Work Permit Canada

An employer-specific work permit differs from an open work permit which enables holders to take up employment with any employer in Canada 🆙 🇨🇦. To be eligible for such a permit foreign workers must have received an offer of employment from an eligible Canadian employer who has achieved positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

An LMIA is an application employers must make to ESDC with the aim of assessing the potential impact of hiring a foreign worker on the Canadian labour market. This application must include evidence to demonstrate that hiring a foreign worker will not take away a Canadian’s job or lower Canadian’s wages and working conditions. Employers must also demonstrate that they have made adequate efforts to recruit Canadian citizens or permanent residents before they will be approved to hire a foreign worker.

The LMIA can be approved by ESDC and the employer can then offer the worker an employment contract. This contract must have all the details required for a Canadian worker such as wage rate and hours job description benefits and other terms. The contract must also include a clause that says the foreign worker’s employment is contingent upon them obtaining a permit to work.

The foreign worker then needs to apply for an employer-specific work permit. To do this they must provide the following documentation:

1. A valid passport and any other travel documents
2 ️. The offer of employment from their Canadian employer
3. A valid LMIA from ESDC

The foreign worker may also be required to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Canada, as well as to cover the cost of their transportation back to their home country at the end of their work period 🔙 🔚 ️. The foreign worker will also need to provide a police certificate which is a document that confirms that they have no criminal background.

When a foreign worker applies for an employer-specific work permit, the Immigration and Refugees Protection Commission (IRCC) will evaluate the worker to see if they are eligible for the permit, taking into account their health, safety, and security as well as any other information that may be pertinent to their application ️.

Employer-Specific Work Permit Canada from Pexels , user Tim Gouw
Employer Specific Work Permit Canada from Pexels , user Tim Gouw

An employer-specific work permit is valid for the duration of the job, up to a maximum of four years. It may also be valid for less than four years provided that the expiry date is clearly stated on the work permit 4️⃣ 🔛 📅. Employer-specific work permits are not transferable to other employers for the same job so if the foreign worker wishes to work for another employer they must apply for a new work permit.

In addition an employer-specific work permit can be renewed when the job period is over. The foreign worker will need to make sure that their employer applies for an LMIA before the work permit expires and then they can apply for a new employer-specific work permit.

In summary, an employer-specific work permit is a document issued by IRCC that enables a foreign worker to take up employment in Canada with a specific employer. This type of work permit is valid for the duration of the job up to a maximum of four years and can be renewed when the job period is over. An employer-specific work permit is only available to foreign workers who have an offer of employment from a Canadian employer who has obtained a positive LMIA from ESDC. . .

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