Netflix Canada August 2020 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Netflix Canada August 2020

Netflix Canada August 2020
Netflix Canada August 2020

Netflix the world’s leading streaming service is now available in Canada providing Canadians with access to an expansive library of TV shows movies and other content!! Netflix has become one of the country’s most popular forms of entertainment and seen a steady rise in subscribers over recent years. As of August 2020 Netflix continues offering Canadians both new and existing content from around the world 🌍 πŸ†•.

Netflix Canada has been around since the beginning of the streaming service but in recent years it has become a much bigger presence in the Canadian market. As of August 2020 Netflix has over 6 million subscribers in the country with more than 85% of them subscribing to the standard HD plan . This is up from around 5 million subscribers in 2019 indicating that Canadians have a strong appetite for streaming content πŸ†™ ️.

Netflix Canada offers a wide range of content options for its subscribers. These include classic films and new TV shows as well as original series and classic movies πŸ“Ί πŸ†•. Netflix has a wide range of exciting new releases this month including season 4 and 3 of Stranger Things as well as the psychological thriller You season 3 and the action-packed Project Power ️ πŸ†•. Netflix will also premiere Ratched the original series starring Sarah Paulson and other popular titles such as Eurovision Song Contest Work It and the stand-up special Michelle Buteau . Welcome to Buteaupia .

Netflix also offers a wide range of classic films from iconic titles like The Godfather and The Breakfast Club to more recent favorites like The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road. Canadian Netflix also has an impressive selection of documentaries including Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Amy, and plenty of other titles for movie buffs to discover 🍣 🍁.

This month Netflix is adding movies and TV shows like Barbie in the Pink Shoes and The Adventures of Paddington as well as classics like Captain Underpants and Care Bears so those looking for family entertainment have a variety of choices.

Netflix also offers a variety of ways to discover new content ️ πŸ†•. The β€˜My List’ feature can be used to save TV shows movies and other content, allowing users to find it quickly, and easily πŸ“Ί. Additionally the Netflix app offers personalized recommendations based on past viewing history and other factors.

Netflix’s streaming service is consistently growing in popularity and the company continues to invest heavily in content . In August 2020, Netflix is offering Canadians a wide variety of new movies and TV shows, as well as classic films, and family entertainment πŸ‘ͺ ️ πŸ†• πŸ“Ί. With a great selection Canadians are sure to find something to enjoy this month. … .

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