Ramadan 2019 Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar! Muslims all over the globe observe a month-long fast during which they abstain from eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset ️ πŸŒ… !

Ramadan 2019 Canada
Ramadan 2019 Canada

Ramadan is not only an important time of spiritual reflection and introspection, but it also has many cultural components!! It encourages Muslims to focus on family neighbors and those in need; to refocus one’s energies on acts of charity and good deeds; also fasting and intensified prayer are common during Ramadan; many Muslims dedicate their nights for extended devotional prayer sessions πŸ”› πŸ‘ͺ. In Canada too families come together for evening meals known as iftar or sehri followed by morning prayers πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. This year Ramadan begins on Monday May 6th 2019 and runs until June 4th 2019 πŸ”›.

Although fasting during Ramadan is an important part of faith for many Muslims some individuals have special dietary needs that need to be taken into consideration . For those with medical conditions pregnant women and small children exceptions to the fast are made and some Islamic scholars even suggest that those who are elderly or ill should not fast at all πŸ‘©. However, for those who do choose to fast, it is important to keep hydrated throughout the day, as dehydration can be a serious concern if one does not drink enough water 🍹 ️ 1️⃣ πŸ’¦. In addition it is important to maintain a healthy diet during Ramadan since one will be feeling low on energy due to the lack of food and drink.

Ramadan is also a time for charity and acts of kindness and many Canadian mosques and Islamic organizations host events to raise funds for those in need ️ 🍁. This year, many of these initiatives are focusing on providing food for people who are homeless or living in poverty, as well as aiding those affected by disasters such as the Syrian refugee crisis πŸ”›. Other initiatives include providing healthcare to the uninsured and supporting educational opportunities for immigrant youth .

Ramadan is an important time of year for Muslims in Canada and many communities come together to celebrate during this special time πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. With food, gatherings, and charity becoming omnipresent during this month, Ramadan provides an opportunity to reflect on faith, family, and the importance of looking out for each other πŸ”›. As Canadians we can also use this time to reach out to our Muslim neighbours and show them our support and respect during this important time of year . . .

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