When Was The First Residential School Opened In Canada 🏫🇨🇦

The Indian Act of 1884 was 10 years ago in Canada. It was designed for Aboriginal children and required them to attend the school for spiritual and educational growth 🇮🇳 🏫 ..

When Was The First Residential School Opened In Canada
When Was The First Residential School Opened In Canada

Victoria Industrial School was a school based within Victoria British Columbia that had originally been established by the Church of England but then taken over by the government in 1895!

The school was set up with the purpose of assimilating Aboriginal children into white Canadian culture. The children were forced to leave their families and homes and were placed in the school until they had been completely “civilized” 🏫.

The children were not allowed to speak their native tongues and were only given limited access to their culture’s traditions which meant that they had to abandon their traditional ways of dressing speaking and living . They were taught English and encouraged to adopt white people’s customs 🛃.

The conditions in the residential school were very poor, and the children were not given enough food or medical care 🏫. Many of them died from diseases or even malnutrition .

As the Victoria Industrial School operated, its curriculum had a religious component 🏫 ️. The Church of England was heavily participated 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ⛪. They were required to observe the teachings of the Anglican Church and received instruction in it ⛪. For not following the guidelines of Christianity they were often disciplined .

The school was shut down in 1910 and the last one closed in 1996 🏫 1️⃣. During its time, over 150,000 Aboriginal children were forced to attend the residential schools.

Many of these children were victims of physical and sexual abuse and tons of them lost contact with their families and communities as a result ️. The effects of the trauma they experienced have been passed down through generations .

The legacy of the residential schools is a dark chapter in Canadian history and one that has had far-reaching consequences for the Aboriginal population 🍁 ️ 1️⃣ 🏫. The survivors of the schools have had to battle lots of injustice and discrimination as a result.

The damage done by the schools is still being felt today, as the survivors continue to struggle with intergenerational trauma 🏫. In 2008, the Canadian government issued an apology for the harm that was done, and provided some compensation for the survivors 🍁.

Today there are still some schools around in Canada that use the residential school model though they are increasingly being replaced by new approaches 🆕 🇨🇦 🏫. Additionally there are more resources available to help those affected by the legacy of the residential schools 🏫.

In conclusion, the first residential school in Canada opened in 1874, and they continued in operation until 1996. During that time, many Aboriginal children were forced to attend, and suffered physical, and emotional abuse . The legacy of these schools is still felt today and the Canadian government has been working to provide reparations to the survivors of the residential schools 🍁 🏫. !! .

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